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Lim May-Ann


May-Ann is the Managing Director of research consultancy TRPC Pte Ltd, and is concurrently the Executive Director of the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA). She has extensive experience in public policy, technology policy development, and government relations communications across the Asia Pacific, and has worked with many global, regional, and local organisations such as APEC, ASEAN, PECC, the ACCA, and the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), on thought leadership development, government outreach and stakeholder engagement efforts, such as the development of the ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2020.

She was appointed to the Singapore Data Protection Appeal Panel 2019-2021, and as an APNIC 52 Fellow for 2021. She also sits on various task forces, such as the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Digital ASEAN Taskforce, the Data & Jurisdiction Team for the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, and has served as Exco member for the Internet Society (ISOC) Singapore Chapter. Her career has spanned global, regional and local institutions, including the World Bank, World Vision, the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA), and the Singapore Internet Project.

Based in Singapore, May-Ann also volunteers as the Head of Digital Literacy Programmes with Engineering Good, an NGO focusing on digital inclusion and assistive technology, and lectures on InfoComm Policy in the Department of Communications and New Media at her alma mater, the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Professional Appointments

  1. Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) 主任, 亚洲云计算协会, Executive Director, 2013-present
  2. World Economic Forum (WEF), Digital ASEAN Taskforce, 2018-present
  3. National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Communications and New Media, InfoComm Public Policy Lecturer, 2013-present
  4. Vice-Chair of the IoT Security Sub-Committee, Dynamic Coalition on Internet Standards, Security and Safety (DC-ISSS), Internet Governance Forum, 2021-present
  5. Engineering Good, Director of Digital Inclusion and Literacy, 2020-present
  6. Singapore Standards Committee, Information Technology, 2021-2023
  7. Singapore Data Protection Appeal Panel, Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), 2019-2023
  8. Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, Data & Jurisdiction Working Group, 2018-present
  9. APNIC 52 Fellow, 2021
  10. Digital Centre, Steering Committee 2018-present
  11. World Economic Forum (WEF), Global Futures Council for Human Rights Working Group, 2016-2018
  12. Internet Society (Singapore Chapter)
    1. Exco Member and Communications Chair (2021)
    2. Exco Member and Secretary (2016, 2017)
    3. Member since 2012
  13. Asia Internet Coalition, Head of Secretariat, 2013-2014


Publications, Reports and Research

  1. May 2020 – Cloud Readiness Index 2020 by the Asia Cloud Computing Association – project lead and researcher
  2. Jan 2020 – TRPC Data Privacy Index 2020 by TRPC Pte Ltd – project lead and primary author
  3. Feb 2018 – Cloud Readiness Index 2018 by the Asia Cloud Computing Association – project lead and primary author
  4. Jan 2018 – Asia’s Financial Services on the Cloud 2018: Regulatory Landscape Impacting the Use of Cloud by Financial Institutions in Asia by the Asia Cloud Computing Association – editor
  5. Mar 2016 – Cloud Readiness Index 2016 by the Asia Cloud Computing Association – primary author
  6. Feb 2016 – Leaders Today, Gone Tomorrow? The Asia Pacific App Economy Index by CA Technologies – primary author
  7. Dec 2015 – ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2020 published by ASEAN Secretariat – project lead and primary author
  8. Jun 2014 – Cloud Readiness Index 2016 by the Asia Cloud Computing Association – primary author
  9. Nov 2013 – ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015 – Mid-Term Review – project lead and primary author
  10. 2012 – Chapter 9: Multi-stakeholder Perspectives Influencing Policy-Research-Practice, in Linking Research to Practice: Strengthening ICT for Development Research Capacity in Asia. Co-published by ISEAS, Singapore Internet Research Centre (SiRC) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada
  11. NOV 2011 – Chapter 1: Civil Society and the ASEAN Community, in an ASEAN Community for All: Exploring the Scope of Civil Society Engagement (Chapter contribution). Edited by Terence Chong and Stefanie Elies, published by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia, Nov 2011

Commentary and Op-Eds

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  8. 29 OCT 2010 Haze: Hardest path is the path forward, TODAY Singapore.

Media and Interviews

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  23. 5 Mar 2014, Rappler, Philippines, Interview with Maria Ressa, #TalkThursday: Innovation and cloud computing in the Asia-Pacific



  • Nanyang Technological University – Masters in Mass Communication (Class of 2010)
  • National University of Singapore – Bachelor of Social Sciences in Information and Communications Management (Class of 2003)
  • Kaplan Higher Education Institute – Diploma in Legal Studies (2017)
  • Kaplan Higher Education Institute – Diploma in Business and Law (2018)
  • Kaplan Higher Education Institute – Diploma in Computer Forensics (expected 2021)
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