TRPC is a boutique consulting and research firm based in Singapore. We specialize in advisory, research, and training services, with a focus on industry regulatory and strategic business issues.

With over 25 years’ experience in the Asia-Pacific, we possess an extensive network of industry experts and professionals throughout the region. Past clients include multi-national private sector companies, government bodies, and international development agencies.

Our most recent work covers a range of up-and-coming areas such as broadband wireless access, mobile banking, mobile payments, and cloud computing, among other things.

Currently we are looking for:

Senior Research Analyst – Tech and ICT public policy, Asia Pacific

The Role: Senior Research Analyst – Tech and ICT public policy, Asia Pacific

Job Description

The Senior Research Analyst will be managing and contributing to research and publication development. This is a position that encompasses both research (in particular, work with ICT for development research) and overall project management and related event execution.

Job Duties

Research Analysis
  • Contribute to research publications developed by TRPC
  • Define/design research objectives, methodology, hypothesis, and questionnaires
  • Apply a variety of research techniques to gather relevant information, including desktop research, document analysis, surveys, case studies, and interviews
  • Analyse and interpret qualitative or quantitative data and visually represent findings
  • Provide leadership on projects including:
    • Preparation of proposals for research projects being applied for
    • Supporting end-to-end execution of research projects
    • Following up on consulting opportunities, developing and writing opinion editorials and short articles etc.
Event Coordinator
  • Plan and execute client events including local and regional forums, policy roundtables, and other events hosted jointly with third party organisations
    • Draft agendas
    • Schedule meetings
    • Manage event logistics
  • Coordinate and implement both online and offline outreach and support programs in the region
    • Managing website and social media content
    • Liaising with external parties, partners, and media
    • Managing contact databases
  • Create press releases, proposals, project reports, and client facing presentations
 Project Coordinator
  • Lead 1-2 individual research projects at a time
  • Troubleshoot to ensure the smooth progress of all projects
  • Observe and assist with the logistics of all projects, including meetings, project updates, product handling, data processing, data analysis briefings, and debrief planning
  • Promote and monitor the implementation of recommended project management and analysis approaches throughout the research team
  • Conduct post-mortems of projects to identify organisational and project efficiency improvements
  • Review outstanding proposals to foresee and plan workload levels

Performance Standards

  • Comfortable working independently in a low-structure environment
  • Self-motivated and takes pride in doing an excellent job
  • Strong sense of discipline, responsibility, and accountability
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team
  • Must be capable of setting priorities and working under pressure
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships at all levels, both internally and externally
  • Ability to manage teams and conduct team meetings
  • Strong interest in knowledge development and dissemination
  • Able to rapidly absorb a wide range of complex business and policy related issues
Please send your cover letter and CV to jobs@trpc.biz 

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