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TRPC Director on SCMP, “US indictments against Huawei a step towards splitting the world’s telecoms industry in two”

“Now we are living in a world of cyber insecurity and every leading telecoms equipment vendor and carrier as well as IT and social media companies is a potential target of national security agencies worldwide,” said John Ure, director of the Telecommunications Research Project at the University of Hong Kong and author of Telecommunications Development in Asia.

“This is a general trend and it is difficult to see ways to create ‘safe harbours’,” Ure said. “In decades gone by, it was all about national champions, then it became more global, and now its reverting to national security issues.”

John Ure
Associate Professor and Director, TRP, University of Hong Kong

The original article is available here: US Indictments Against Huawei a Step Towards Splitting The World’s Telecoms Industry in Two [South China Morning Post, 29 Jan, 2019]

Photo: Reuters

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