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TRPC Director on SCMP, “UK approval of Huawei equipment could sway more European states against US, analysts say”

“The Western security agencies seem to be dancing to slightly different tunes. While they all recognise a potential security risk, the US approach seems to be getting entangled with issues of trade and [intellectual property rights],” said John Ure, director of the Telecommunications Research Project at the University of Hong Kong and author of Telecommunications Development in Asia.

“By contrast the Europeans seem to be more concerned with avoiding a 5G stalemate and finding ways to avoid a general trade war.”

John Ure
Associate Professor and Director, TRP, University of Hong Kong

The original article is available here: UK Approval of Huawei Equipment Could Sway More European States Against US [South China Morning Post, 19 Feb, 2019]

Photo: Reuters

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