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The Telecommunications InfoTechnology Forum (TIF) is run by TRPC Pte Ltd (Singapore) to promote discussion of issues of topical interest in the converging fields of telecommunications, IT and new media. It is held in different economies of the Asia Pacific region, principally China, Hong Kong SAR and Singapore.

TIF was established by the Technology Research Project (TRP) at the University of Hong Kong in January 1996 as a small monthly gathering of around 30 participants. From March 1998 it adopted a larger quarterly format with over 100 participants. The sponsorship money raised by TIF went to fund a student scholarship and the research programme of the TRP, which in turn provided briefing papers and executive summaries for each forum.

These papers represent a valuable resource for the debates and analysis of the period, ranging from issues of telecoms policy and regulation such as spectrum management and unbundling the local loop, to applications of IT in areas such as eHealth to proprietary and open source software licensing issues.

TIF Ltd is a registered company in Hong Kong.

Date Title Country Author
19 Mar 2008 Mobile Payments in China & Asia Beijing, China
17 Jan 2008 Mobile Payments in Singapore & the Asia Pacific Singapore
27 Nov 2008 Mobile Futures: Payments and Games Hong Kong
1 Jun 2007 Singapore’s Broadband Future: the iN2015 Initiative Singapore
8 Feb 2007 Radio spectrum issues in Hong Kong: Avoiding another cable blackout? Hong Kong
10 Oct 2006 Fixed Mobile Convergence in Hong Kong Hong Kong
27 Mar 2006 e-Security in the Broadband Age Hong Kong
24 Nov 2005 Broadband, broadcast and content: where does Hong Kong stand? Hong Kong
7 April 2005 Health Informatics in Hong Kong Hong Kong
6 Dec 2004 IP Telephony and Voice over Broadband Hong Kong
19 Oct 2004 DTTN, RFID Tagging and Implications for Telecoms Hong Kong
6 Jun 2004 Economics of Software Development Hong Kong
25 Mar 2004 Hong Kong as Asia’s Wireless Development Centre Hong Kong
2-4 Mar 2004 FDI in Telecommunications Services Asia Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto John Ure
14 Oct 2003 Putting Service into Broadband Hong Kong
8 Jul 2003 Telecoms and SARS Hong Kong
8 Jul 2003 Interconnection Revisited: Time for a Change or Not? Hong Kong
1 Jul 2003 Competition in the Local Loop: unbundling or unbungling? Hong Kong
24 Feb 2003 Mergers and Acquisitions: a telecoms policy for Hong Kong? Hong Kong
20 Nov 2002 Next Generation Wireless Services in Hong Kong Hong Kong
9 Jul 2002 IP Networking: Is the jury ready with its verdict? Hong Kong
19 Mar 2002 Digital entertainment, home networking and ‘digital hubs’ Hong Kong
20 Dec 2001 Home Networking, Internet Appliances, Digital TV and The Changing Role of The Consumer Electronics Industry Hong Kong Balz Wyss, Mimi Vong
7 Dec 2001 Cambodia: Networks, Services and Regulatory Reform Hong Kong David Butcher & Associates
13 Nov 2001 Regulating Telecom Pricing in Wholesale and Retail Markets Hong Kong
18 Sep 2001 Bandwidth Capacity in Hong Kong Hong Kong
13 Feb 2001 E-business and E-market places Hong Kong
18 Sep 2000 Third Generation (3G) Auctions for Hong Kong? Hong Kong
1 Aug 2000 The Case Against Auctions in Hong Kong Hong Kong
22 Jun 2000 Telecoms in the Internet Age Hong Kong
14 Apr 2000 Telecoms, the Net and China’s WTO entry Hong Kong
7 Dec 1999 Broadband in Hong Kong Hong Kong
7 Sep 1999 Hong Kong: A Test-Bed For Third Generation (3-G) Wireless? Hong Kong
Sep 1999 Hong Kong as an Internet Financial Hub Hong Kong Peter Lovelock
8 Jun 1999 The Internet and Hong Kong’s Future as a Financial Hub Hong Kong
16 Mar 1999 E-Commerce in Hong Kong Hong Kong
26 Jan 1999 Regulating Convergence Hong Kong
Jan 1999 Television Policy In An Era of Convergence Hong Kong
13 Oct 1988 Hong Kong’s Broadcasting and New Media Services Hong Kong
7 Jul 1998 Hong Kong’s IT Future Hong Kong
1 Apr 1998 Hong Kong 2000- What follows the framework agreement? Hong Kong
22 Jan 1997 Joint Venturing in China Telecoms Hong Kong
28 Oct 1996 China’s Telecoms: Law, Policy, Regulations and Characteristics Hong Kong
30 Sep 1996 Multimedia: Trends and Prospects Hong Kong
22 Jul 1996 Technology and Stock Markets Hong Kong
24 Jun 1996 Competition in Hong Kong’s Telecoms Hong Kong
27 May 1996 Mobile Telephony: for how long a licence to print money? Hong Kong
13 May 1996 Getting Wired TRPC
22 Apr 1996 The quality and range of telecom and network services Hong Kong
25 Mar 1996 Information Technology in the Banking and Financial Sectors Hong Kong
4 Mar 1996 Taiwan’s Telecom Reforms Hong Kong
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