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Report: Data Beyond Borders

Globalisation and digitisation have led to greater connectivity, which in turn has rapidly increased the quantities of data being accessed, moved, and exchanged both within and between countries.

This is especially important for G20 economies, who have jointly agreed to foster dynamic digital societies and enable inclusive digital economies.3 To fulfil their commitments, they must carefully assess the impact cross-border data flows have on innovation, investment, and efficient governance.

This means determining whether their regulatory frameworks restrict or enhance cross-border data flows, as well as evaluating the extent to which their approach allows them to seize economic opportunities ahead of others.

The report examines and compares the openness of G20 economies in regard to the flow of data across borders, and the Cross-Border Data Flows Index (CBDFI) has been developed to provide a benchmark performance assessment of G20 economies’ approach to cross-border data flows, as well as its impact on economic growth and opportunity.

Download the report here (registration required).

Photo by Andre Tan

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