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Report: Asia-Pacific AI Readiness Index

The next tech divide could be between those who have access to artificial intelligence (AI) and those who do not. AI is becoming a new human right, and everybody will need access to it.

The benefits of AI are significant. Among others, it improves efficiency and productivity, solves complex problems, and allows specialists to focus on higher level tasks. But there are global ethical concerns that AI could replace jobs and other functions that humans currently perform, or could be used in ways that reinforce bias or discrimination.

The Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Readiness report, commissioned by Salesforce, sets out the potential benefits and challenges of AI. It evaluates how Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand fare relative to each other in AI readiness, and provides practical recommendations for people, businesses, and governments to improve AI adoption.

Download the report here

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