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Report: Accelerating Australia’s Digital Transformation

In many respects, Australia is a digital transformation pioneer. Its economy and society have already achieved important milestones in their technological development, while rising demand for online content and services is driving investment in the technology sector.

But more focus and effort are needed to maintain the momentum. According to the latest Digital Evolution Index, Australia has become a ‘stall out’ country, meaning that while it has attained digital maturity in key areas, the overall pace of innovation has slowed.

In this context, it is significant that the Australian Government has formally committed to becoming “one of the world’s top three digital governments by 2025”.

This report considers what it will take to turn that objective into reality, and demonstrates that the road to becoming not merely a digitally enabled government but a digitally transformative government is paved with a host of promising opportunities.

Download the report here

Photo by Srikant Sahoo

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