TRPC is a boutique consulting and research firm based in Singapore. We specialize in advisory, research, and training services, with a focus on industry regulatory and strategic business issues.

With over 25 years’ experience in the Asia-Pacific, we possess an extensive network of industry experts and professionals throughout the region. Past clients include multi-national private sector companies, government bodies, and international development agencies.

Our most recent work covers a range of up-and-coming areas such as broadband wireless access, mobile banking, mobile payments, and cloud computing, among other things.

Currently we are looking for:

Senior Research Analyst – Tech public policy, Asia Pacific

The Role: Senior Research Analyst – Tech and ICT public policy, Asia Pacific

Job Description

The successful candidate will join the research consulting team based in Singapore, and will develop and provide evidence-based positions, specialised research papers and policy briefs, and share insightful policy and regulatory knowledge on issues related to the digital economy, such as cloud computing; competition and anti-trust policy; connectivity issues, including spectrum policy and enablement; cybersecurity policies; data protection and privacy frameworks; digital finance and payment systems challenges and opportunities; digital measurement issues; e-commerce enablement and growth; procurement and outsourcing guidelines; over-the-top and digital platform policy issues; and tax policy.

The Role

  • Develop and manage 2-3 individual research projects at a time, including project planning, working with external stakeholders, overseeing day-to-day activities and project milestones, as well as implementing and delivering the final output in a timely manner and to a high standard, and conducting project evaluation
  • Direct, develop and contribute to research, position papers and policy briefs, presentations, and other activities (including but not limited to press releases, proposals, project reports, opinion editorials and short articles) to provide analysis and critical thinking on a range of digital economy issues and policy developments
  • Actively support and contribute to research project proposals and consulting opportunities
  • Plan, develop, and execute client events including local and regional forums, policy roundtables, workshops and other events hosted jointly with third party organisations, including the development of agendas, scheduling of meetings, preparation of presentations, and management of event logistics
  • Actively monitor and advise of key policy and regulatory matters within the Southeast Asia region, with a particular focus on assigned country and/or Indonesia
  • Identify, research and analyse matters related to public policy, regulatory issues and stakeholder concerns, and engage with relevant policy makers, regulators, and key stakeholders throughout the region
  • Work closely with internal stakeholders to coordinate efforts, provide updates about developments within the region, and facilitate and contribute to other projects and requests
  • Liaise and work closely with external stakeholders, including providing advice, management of projects and requests, and relationship development and engagement
  • Support ASEAN and APEC level initiatives and other regional strategic initiatives, which may require regional travel outside of Singapore, particularly in Indonesia

Skills Required

  • 3-5+ years of experience, preferably but not necessarily in public policy, government, tech industry, research consulting etc.
  • Bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in a relevant discipline (law, political science, public policy etc.)
  • Strong understanding of digital economy issues, such as cloud computing, connectivity, cybersecurity, data protection, e-commerce, over-the-top and digital platform service providers, amongst others; and/or previous engagement with regulators and other policy makers; or a willingness to learn and contribute
  • Understanding of Southeast Asia landscape and global/regional policy and regulatory trends and issues, with direct on the ground experience in Indonesia or other Southeast Asian countries, and/or direct ASEAN and/or APEC involvement highly regarded
  • Strong analytical skills, including ability to understand and analyse policy and regulations and articulate impact highly regarded
  • Strong research skills, including ability to use a range of sources to support positions
  • Excellent verbal and interpersonal communications skills, and excellent stakeholder-management skills with an ability to establish effective working relationships at all levels, both internally and externally
  • Exceptional written communications skills (in English), including ability to synthesize and clearly explain policy and regulatory issues and other complex issues for different audiences
  • Knowledge of other Southeast Asian languages, particularly Bahasa Indonesian, highly regarded
  • Comfortable working independently in a low-structure environment, and is self-motivated and takes pride in doing an excellent job
  • Demonstrated experience working collaboratively across teams to ensure objectives are met, alignment across projects, and sharing of knowledge
  • Project management experience, with a strong sense of discipline, responsibility, and accountability
  • Willingness to travel regionally, particularly to Indonesia


Job Type Full-Time
Minimum Education Level Required Bachelor’s degree
Minimum Experience Level Required Directly relevant experience less relevant than strong research and writing skills, a good attitude, and a desire to learn and contribute.
Supervisor Report to the Director of Research
Industries ICT, Internet, Research, Consulting
Location Singapore
Contact jobs@trpc.biz/old_archive
Please send your cover letter and CV to jobs@trpc.biz/old_archive 

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