Third Generation (3G) Auctions for Hong Kong?

The UK 3G auctions raised US$34 billion against conventional business model evaluations of £1.5 – 2 billion. The German auctions US$46 billion, but the Dutch and New Zealand auction prices were very low. What are the lessons for Hong Kong? Auction, beauty contest, reverse auction? But

  • Are auctions really economically efficient?
  • Do auctions weaken regulation?
  • Do high auction prices hinder market development?
  • Are reverse auctions, used for 2G, suitable for 3G?
  • Where will the 3G revenues come from?
  • And who will they go to?
  • Is the DoCoMo model relevant to Hong Kong?



  • Guest Keynote Speaker: Professor William H. Melody, Professor, Delft University of Technology


  • Steve McKay, Senior Vice-President, Web Solutions,
  • Sin Chung-kai, IT Functional Constituency Member, Legco
  • Stephen Brown, Head of Research, Kim Eng Securities
  • Craig Ehrlich, Group Managing Director, SUNDAY
  • John Ure (Telecoms Research Project, HKU)



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