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APEC Conference on Innovation and Trade

April 4-5 2012, Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore

Keynote speaker: Prof. John Ure


APEC Keynote Speaker Address 4th April 2012

Innovation and trade – currently emerging as one of the most important next generation trade and investment issues in the global and mutually interdependent economic sphere – is a key element when the APEC economies are devoted to achieving the higher standard economic growth trough innovation.

The relationship between innovation and trade is synergistically mutual and reciprocal. Accelerating the interaction between those two elements, therefore, is essential for more vibrant and buoyant Innovative Growth.

All the participants in this conference recalled the great achievement at the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Honolulu in 2011 on innovation policy, which is a model of elements to promote effective, non-discriminatory, and market-driven innovation policy towards fostering greater innovative growth.

To accelerate the speed of the tide towards the innovative growth, one of the most important theme is to increase each economies’ absorptive capacity, which consists of the innovation friendly business environment (the role of government, trade and investment, rules, and environment), human resources (entrepreneurship and education) and advanced interconnectedness (connection and interaction among various “Innovation Actors” such as companies, financial institutions, venture capitalists, policy makers, supporting organizations, universities, TLOs, research institutes, NGOs, NPOs, etc).

In order to find the best ways to facilitate this tide from international trade and investment to innovation, experienced Innovation Actors from various fields discussed how APEC can explore synergistically interactive relationship between innovation and trade, what the element of the absorptive capacity is, and how APEC can do to accelerate the positive dynamism and its velocity on innovation and trade

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