Telecoms and SARS

SARS: has telecoms and IT played any significant role in the fight against SARS? Videoconferencing helped relatives keep in touch with patients, and some authorities used digital tags and video to monitor quarantined cases. Companies made greater use of teleworking, while
colleges made use of e-learning. SMS and websites were both widely used to spread news and rumours. How effective were these measures, and will they have any lasting effects?

Panel Discussion: Any lessons from SARS? Did telecoms and IT help? Can it do more?

Panel Chair: Sin Chung Kai (Legco)


  • Raymond Cheung, Senior Systems Manager, InformationTechnology Department, HA
  • Lawrence Ma, Senior Manager of Operations, HP Services)
  • Dr Nancy Law, Director of the Centre for Information Technology in Education, Faculty of Education, HKU
  • Henry Wong, Group Director, New Technologies, Sunday Communications


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