Telecommunications Development in Asia

No industry has expanded faster than telecommunications, gained so many new users, added so much value, spread so rapidly to the underdeveloped areas of developing countries, done so much to close the digital divide and provide access to e-learning, e-health, and e-commerce across the countries of the Asia Paci?c. Telecommunications Development in Asia provides a completely new and comprehensive analysis of the policies adopted throughout the region that have led to the explosive growth of this sector. It is a sequel to the 1995 landmark publication, John Ure (editor) Telecommunications in Asia: Policy, Planning and Development, and like the earlier volume will become a popular and indispensable guide for professionals, policy-makers and regulators working in telecommunications-related sectors.

Part One of this new book is thematic. It reviews global best practices across a range of key issues facing the industry, from regulation, competition policy and the provision of universal service, to interconnection between competing networks, the management of radio spectrum for the all-important wireless communications sector, and an assessment of innovation in the telecommunications equipment market.

Part Two examines markets across the Asia Paci?c region, exploring the themes of Part One through in-depth country studies. Policy and regulations, industry trends and markets are uniquely placed in their historical, economic and political context. No other publication offers such comprehensive insights and understanding of the dynamic of these markets. And like the 1995 book, this one looks likely to stand the test of time.


Book Review:

By J.P. Singh, Communication, Culture and Technology Program, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA

John Ure has updated and replaced the 1995 (revised 1997) volume with the same title. The previous volume represented a second wave of telecommunications liberalization literature that focused on practical aspects of telecommunications restructurings…

The full abstract is available here:  Telecommunications Development in Asia, John Ure (Ed.), Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong (2008). 520 pp., Contents, Acknowledgements, About the Authors, Index, US$90.00, Paperback, ISBN 978-962-209-903-6 Pages 288-289 J.P. Singh

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