Singapore as a Data Hub

The digital economy of Singapore has entered the first stage of maturity with ubiquitous broadband supporting the “Age of the app”. Apps increasingly refer to everything software, from OS to content downloads, from collaborative software programmes to streamed video, and from data storage and information systems to algorithms for data traffic management.

The key to the digital economy is high quality high speed networked traffic, and at the heart of the digital economy are the nodes that provide storage, retrieval and delivery. Nodes and data centres, infrastructure and managing ever heavier loads of Internet traffic across networks constitute the essential basic elements of the future digitally-networked society.

Among the drivers of demand is of course cloud computing. IDC forecasts a 40% per annum growth in cloud services across Asia-Pacific (ex-Japan) to USD4.9 billion by 2014. Singapore is perfectly positioned to capture a large slice of this business by attracting investment in state-of-the-art secure data centres and associated infrastructure. This is especially important for Singapore in enterprise sectors such as banking and finance.

We will be considering the interaction of 4 elements: what it takes to realise Singapore’s vision of being the premier data centre hub of the region, the economics of data centres, the supporting digital infrastructure and how NGN Internet Traffic management makes the digital economy tick.



  • John Galligan, Regional Director, Government Relations, Microsoft
  • John Ure, Director, TRPC


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