April 2015 Public Data at Risk: Cyber Threat to the Networked Government Global TRPC
June 2014 Report on Cloud Data Regulations: A contribution to how to reduce the compliancy costs of Cross-Border Data Transfers Asia TRPC
11 July 2013 Mobile Payment in Sri Lanka: Market Demand Assessment Sri Lanka TRPC
May 2013 Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) Services and Broadband in Asia and the Pacific: A Study of Value and Opportunity Cost in the Assignment of Radio Spectrum Asia Pacific John Ure
Feb 2013 Access Price Benchmarking for APCC Asia Pacific TRPC
Jan 2011 Quantifying the impacts of structural reforms in telecommunications markets in APEC economics, in The Impacts and Benefits of Structural Reforms in Transport, Energy and Telecommunications Sectors International Roy Chun LEE, John URE and Hsin Chin LEE
Oct 2010 Broadband Wireless Access in Asia Pacific: From Opportunity to Profitability International Peter LOVELOCK, John URE
March 2010 Mobile Banking in Indonesia: Assessing the Market Potential for Mobile Technology to Extend Banking to the Unbanked and Underbanked (Final Report) Indonesia TRPC
March 2010 Access Price Benchmarking for APCC Asia Pacific TRPC
Aug 2009 Mobile payments in Asia Pacific Asia Pacific John URE, Peter LOVELOCK
June 2009 Card payments in Asia Pacific: The state of the nations Asia Pacific Peter LOVELOCK and John URE
April 2009 The state of the telecoms industry in Asia Pacific Asia Pacific John URE, Peter LOVELOCK
July 2008 The video games market in China: Moving online China John URE, Peter LOVELOCK
Feb 2007 European Commission: Study on the Future Opportunities and Challenges of EU-China Trade and Investment Relations EU-China John URE
28-30 September 2005 ICT Sector Development in Five Central Asian Economies Moscow, Russia John Ure
July 2005 Internet Traffic Growth: Sources and Implications International Andrew Odlyzko
Mobile Data Communications in China Xu Yan
E-Government in China
Telecommunications: The Other Hong Kong Report John Ure

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