Oct 2015 Asia Pacific Big Data Objectives & Concerns 2015 Asia Pacific TRPC
28 Sept 2015 Economic Regulation, Cost Methodologies and Tariff Regulation in the Asia Pacific Region Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia John Ure
Global Government Cloud Initiatives
22 Aug 2015 Digital Thailand Bangkok, Thailand John Ure
26 Mar 2015 Digital Finance Ecosystem: Regional, National and Household Level Snapshots Bangkok, Thailand Yoonee Jeong
27 Mar 2015 Improving the Thai Television Sector in the face of ASEAN Economic Community Bangkok, Thailand John Ure
April 2015 Asia Pacific – What’s Trending in April 2015? Asia Pacific Lim May-Ann
18-20 Mar 2015 Preparing for tomorrow: Regulation in a data-driven connected world Singapore John Ure
Public-Private Dialogue on Services during SOM1
9 Dec 2014 APEC Symposium on ‘Good Policy and Regulatory Practices for Facilitating Trade and Investment in Telecommunications and ICT services Manila, Philippines Peter Lovelock
10 July 2014 APEC Digital Opportunity Center Workshop: ICTs and Development Taipei John Ure
9 Jun 2014 Director, Peter Lovelock spoke on the panel of “Opportunities from TVWS” in Philippines, 9 Jun 2014 Philippines Peter Lovelock
5 Dec 2013 OTT: Competing or Collaborating (Indonesia Telecommunications Business) Indonesia John Ure
19-22 Nov 2013 ITU Telecom World 2013 Thailand ITU
26 Nov 2013 Internet Business Economics and Policy Singapore John Ure
18 Nov 2013 Internet of Things: How to Know the Future? Bangkok, Thailand John Ure
11 July 2013 Mobile Payment in Sri Lanka: Market Demand Assessment Sri Lanka TRPC
01-June-2013 Discussing the Grey Areas in Regulating OTT Services Singapore John Ure
4 Dec 2012 Cloud Computing and Data Centres in China & Cloud Readiness in Asia Hong Kong
4-5 April 2012 The internet: Innovation, Data flows and Markets Singapore John Ure
June 2011 Beyond Borders: The Implications of ICT on Trade Ho Chi Minh Peter LOVELOCK
March 2011 Next-gen Technologies & Cloud Computing: The Trade Agenda Washington DC Peter LOVELOCK
3 November, 2010 APCICT M&E Framework Initiative Incheon, South Korea Prof John Ure
8th-9th April 2010 Spectrum liberalization Hong Kong John Ure
25 February 2010 Macro-Economic Effects of Telecoms Reform Japan John Ure
25 Nov 2009 Mobile Banking in Indonesia: Assessing the Market Potential for Mobile Technology to Extend Banking to the Unbanked and Underbanked Jakarta, Indonesia Peter LOVELOCK, John URE, SNG Li Wei, HU Phui San
19 May 2009 Internet and the Mid-Life Crisis of Telecoms Singapore John Ure
1 Mar 2009 Payments Asia Summit: Transformation of payment systems: channels, technologies and business models Hong Kong John URE
28 Oct 2008 Malaysia Broadband Conference: The Broadband Revolution: New Policies, Planning and Development ASEAN Trends Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia John Ure
19 April 2007 China Competitiveness in ICTs, Telecom Services, Standards and IPRs Hong Kong John Ure
5-6 March 2007 The use of ICT for Development Incheon, Korea John Ure
12 February 2007 3G in Macau Macau John Ure
6 February 2007 Fixed-Mobile Convergence in Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia John Ure
7-11 November 2005 WiMAX Regulations in Asia Beijing, China Terry Graham
16 Jun 2005 RFID – Challenges Ahead Beijing John Ure
22 Jan 2005 Why VoIP Is A Challenge Hong Kong John Ure
27 June 2004 Telecommunications Infrastructure In The EAP: The Way Forward Bali John Ure
23 Mar 2004 Broadband’s Role in Economic Development: Focus on the User Community in Hong Kong Hong Kong John Ure
1 Sept 2003 Telecom Trade In Services Brunei Darussalem John Ure
August 28 2003 The Uncertainties of Broadband: Implications for Unbundling the Local Loop Centre for Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong Bronwyn Howell, John Ure
9th December 2002 India’s Telecom Market, Policy and Regulation Centre of Asian Studies,Tang Chi Ngong Building, University of Hong Kong Dr. T.H.Chowdary
28 February 2002 Activity Based Costing Alan Lung
20 Dec 2001 Home Networking, Internet Appliances, Digital TV and The Changing Role of The Consumer Electronics Industry Hong Kong Balz Wyss, Mimi Vong
Government Online john ure
23 May 2001 Electronic Commerce and Asia thailand john ure
10 May 2001 Biometric Solutions For E-&MCommerce Security Mac McGolphin
7 Dec 2000 Satellites Hong Kong John Ure
The Law of Web Commerce Through Technological Lenses & The Convergence Kipling Missed: Wireless and Wireline Meet At H.323 George E. Darby
24 Jun 1999 Auctioning Bandwidth In Asia: Telecoms Goes Wholesale – Online Hong Kong Paula Brillson

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