TRPC occasionally publishes books in partnership with various academic publishers or universities. Our directors and analysts are also often requested to contribute book chapters in partnership with other authors.

2002 3G Auctions: A Change of Course (in Networking Knowledge for Information Societies: Institutions & Intervention) International John Ure
1 Apr 2008 Telecommunications Development in Asia Hong Kong Edited by John URE
Auctions, Sunk Costs and Other Arcane 3G Issues John URE
e-Government in China Peter LOVELOCK, John URE
The New Economy: Internet, Telecommunications and Electronic Commerce? Peter LOVELOCK, John URE
Convergence in Hong Kong John URE
Convergence and China’s National Information Infrastructure John URE, and LIANG Xiong-Jian
Distinguishing between Industry Policy and ‘Industrial Policy’ John URE, Peter LOVELOCK
Hong Kong’s Telecommunications Policy Hong Kong John Ure
Hong Kong’s Communication Infrastructure: The Evolving Role of a Regional Information Hub Ben PETRAZZINI and John URE
Telecommunications in Asia : policy, planning and development John URE, Andrew HARRINGTON (eds.)

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