Putting Service into Broadband

Hong Kong often compares itself, and is compared by others, with Singapore, South

Korea, Japan and other advanced centres of telecommunications, but often the value of doing so is questionable. It is true that the excellence of the telecommunications infrastructure and the liberal and transparent regime of regulation is one of the top three reasons given by MNCs for choosing to locate RHQs in Hong Kong (the others being the financial infrastructure and the rule of law) but choice of location depends upon many other factors as well, such as closeness to suppliers or to markets. There is also the danger of comparing like with unlike and perhaps this raises a key issue: in Singapore, South Korea and Japan the state has played a proactive role in building broadband networks, whereas in Hong Kong both network rollout and usage have been driven by a competitive market. So in the league table Hong Kong is second only to Korea, but may well have developed a more sustainable model. In light of this, the theme of the conference reflects the issue of usage, which in turn raises issues of content and applications available over broadband networks and stimulated by the affordable and availability of high speed transmissions.



Session 1:

  • Lionel Adnet (Alcatel)
  • Charleston Sin (Cisco)

Session 2.1: Travel & Leisure

  • Nick Price (Mandarin Oriental)
  • Celina Chan (Microsoft)
  • Raymond Ngai (HK Jockey Club)
  • Edward Nicol (Cathay Pacific)
  • Rob Taylor (Pacific Coffee)
  • Paula Brillson (H2H Digital)
  • Allan Wong (PCCW)

Session 2.2: Network Services

  • Colin Chan (IBM)
  • David Zhang (Micromuse)
  • Ricky Chau (Speedcast)
  • Sidney Yuen (HK Call Centre Association)
  • Joseph Yuen (New World Telecom)

Session 3.1: Broadband Content

  • Ricky Wong (HK Broadband Network)
  • Nigel Harper (Yes TV)
  • Darren Olivero (Centro)

Session 3.2: Logistics

  • Elizabeth Quat (President of iProA)
  • Justin Yue (Tradelink)
  • Kevin Taylor (Descartes)
  • Kevin, Leo Yeung (GXS)
  • Anna Lin (HK Article numbering Association)


  • Philip Lam (HK Logistics Association),
  • Ringo Ng and Almon Yu (HK Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics)
  • Leo Chow (Institute of Purchasing and Supply of Hong Kong)

Session 4.1: Citizens and Public Services

  • Simon Harriss (Accenture)
  • Robin Gill (e-Government Coordinator)
  • Peter Yan (Global e-Business Services)
  • Michael Yung (ESD Services Ltd)
  • Sin Chung Kai (IT Constituency, Legco)

Session 4.2 on Financial Services

    • John Barnes (KPMG)
    • Li Shu-Pui (HK Monetary Authority)

Paul Mackellar (Forensic Partner, KPMG)

  • Stephen Law (HK Exchanges and Clearing Ltd)



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