Next Generation Wireless Services in Hong Kong

The future healthy development of the content and applications sector for Web and server-based wireless and mobile services is something that holds great promise for the Hong Kong economy, but it comes with an unusual set of challenges. First, the network operators face the challenge of a transition to a new business model, one not based upon voice and value-added services that are for the most part embedded within the network itself, but one based on access to content and applications that often may be found on Web servers off the network. Second, the content and applications developers face the challenges of market entry, of a proliferation of requirements and standards from both networks and handsets, and of scale and market scope. Third, the vendors and operators struggle to achieve harmonization of standards, of interoperability and of revenue models. Fourth, the policy makers and regulator have to decide on how best to facilitate and promote these developments.


Session One: Sustainability of the Future of Mobile


  • Lara Srivastava, Strategy & Policy Unit, International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
  • Bruce Hicks, Group Managing Director for SUNDAY
  • Janice Hulse, Regional Director, Mobile Service Providers, Cisco Systems
  • Alex Young, Senior Research Engineer, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Panel Moderator: Peter Lovelock, Deputy Director of the TRP and MFC Insight


  • Tim Storey, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Investment Research, Goldman Sachs
  • Janice Hulse (Cisco)
  • Bruce Hicks (SUNDAY)

Session Two: Making it happen: can an ecosystem for wireless platforms be built or does it just grow?

Session Chair: Francis Fong, Synergy technologies and HKITF


  • Professor Reg Coutts, University of Adelaide
  • Ulf Ewaldsson, Deputy Managing Director, Ericsson
  • Timo Toikkanen, General Manager, Nokia

Panel Moderator: Terry O’Neill, Managing Director of CM Consulting


  • Professor T.S.Ng of the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Electronic Engineering
  • C.D.Tam, CEO, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corp.
  • Dr Lawrence Cheung, Principal Consultant, Mobile Business Solutions,
    Hong Kong Productivity Council
  • Wong Yuen-kin, Director of IT, Cyber-Port Management Ltd

Session Three: The dilemma for developers: do we, don’t we? – and just what is this eco-system idea?


  • Benny Leung, Business Development Director, IMOEBA Ltd,  Hong Kong
  • Alfred Ng, CEO, J-Spectrum
  • Julie Cheng, Business Development Vice President, iNFOiSLIVE (ILL)
  • Ernest Axelbank, Artificial Life, Inc
  • Chris Wylie, Sales Director Asia-Pacific, Qualcomm
  • Ferrie Hu, Chief Scientist, China Motion Telecom

Panel Moderator: Duncan Clark of BDA China Ltd


  • Craig Ehrlich, recently appointed Deputy Chairman, GSM Association
  • Colin McCallum, Regional Telecoms Analyst, HSBC,
  • W.K.Chan of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce




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