IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Internet of Things – A Challenge for Regulators?

Date: 2 Jun 2016
Time: 3.00pm – 5.00pm
Venue: ICANN Singapore, South Beach Tower, 38 Beach Road #04-11 (S189767)


IIC Singapore, in cooperation with TRPC, is organizing a forum with IIC member ICANN

About the Forum:

Just about every IT company on the planet is now working towards products and services that are being called the Internet-of-Things (IoT). From wearables  such as smart watches, to connected vehicles, to devices of all sorts, data is already being generated on a humungous scale. It’s Big Data in terms of volume, but it is also Wide Data in terms of the proliferation of sources, and it’s Deep Data in terms of what we infer from it. The more sources available, the greater to possibilities of triangulation and individual personal identification, even from pseudonymous  data.

Personal data protection based upon the consent of the data owner becomes impractical in such a world. The focus is shifting to the data collection to data usage and onto how it is monitored?

Another threat in a fully connected world is malware, spyware,  bots and cyber-jacking. Trials have already shown the vulnerability of connected cars becoming remotely controlled. Singapore has already taken steps to coordinate responses among vital utilities and infrastructure companies. Is the lesson so far to be shift focus from prevention, which is important but difficult, to containment and cure, which is more practical? And can Big Data analytics and probability algorithms provide guidance as to when and where and how future attacks are likely?

Policy review will cover a large part of civil society along with understanding the present and future for technology, the economy, communications infrastructure, international considerations.

The criminal and terrorist exploitation of the IoT is a global challenge, and yet the future is a fully connected world. Are present-day regulatory structures and approaches sufficient?  Should regulation become more proscriptive for data users and connected companies? That would add to the costs of compliance and could, if handled poorly, stifle innovation. On the other hand the costs to the community of pandemic of cyber-sickness could be lethal for many citizens.


Andy Haire, ex-Deputy Director of IDA

Rajesh Sreenivasan, Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications of Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP

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