e-Security in the Broadband Age

Microsoft sponsored the following Telecoms InfoTechnology Forum on e-Security in the Broadband Age, a topic of growing concern with the spread of “always-on” wired and wireless broadband networks, and a shift from nuisance spamming and disruptive hacking to more discrete and costly targeted attacks on enterprise networks by organized criminal gangs. How can the enterprise sector protect itself? And given that computer networking and Web-based services have become essential to the daily lives and business of SMEs and citizens, are the problems facing these sectors similar or different from those facing the enterprise sector? And can and should the Government do to help? Is it taking the right steps in the right direction?


Session One:

Session Chair/Moderator: Alex Yu, HKTUG


  • Dr. Joseph Lee, National Technology Officer, Microsoft
  • John Wong, Assistant Hong Kong Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO)
  • Patrick Lam, Superintendent of the Technology Crime Division, Hong Kong Police Force,
  • KT Yung, GM, Industry Development Division, HK Productivity Council
  • Thomas Parenty, author of Digital Defense (Harvard Business School Press


Session 2:


  • Wilson Cheng, Principle Consultant, OASYS Limited
  • Henry Chang, Head of Information and Communications Technology Division, OFTA
  • Yvonne Chia, Partner, Stevenson, Wong & Company




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