Broadband in Hong Kong

Broadband is not just about increasing bandwidth or speed of switching and transmission, it is also about compression. The digital compression and multiplexing of traffic into it-streams, and the compression of the original seven OSI layers into a new multi-tiered multi-media hierarchy. That is on the technological level.

On the business level this translates into level 2 and level 3 convergence offer what Stephen Shek, Director of Carrier Sector Marketing, Newbridge Networks, calls ‘new service providers’ a single platform from which to offer customers, especially corporate business customers, multi-access to broadband services at ATM-levels of quality of service.

Multi-access refers to being able to support the entire range of wireline and wireless modes of access, which provides service flexibility ‘on demand’ –including virtual private network management – and allows service providers to accommodate the various legacy problems corporate customers will inevitably encounter in a world of fast moving technological change. However, the bottom line as far as the business case is concerned is the ability to offer the services which create ‘value-added’ with service level agreements backing them up. Given these concerns and emphasis, this is clearly first and foremost the world of the business customer, and this is equally clearly the primary focus of most equipment vendors.


Session One – Is there a business model for broadband?
Chairperson: John Ure, Director of the Telecommunications Research Project, University of Hong Kong


  • Stephen Shek, Director of Carrier Sector Marketing, Newbridge Networks
  • Tom Burns, Director, Asia-Pacific Content Group, Intel
  • Todd Dutkin, Vice President, Business Development, Level 3

Session Two: The Brave New World of Broadband: Where is Hong Kong on the map?

Chairperson: Simon Chan, Chair of the Hong Kong Telecommunications Users’ Group


  • John Ure, Director of the Telecommunications Research Project
  • Anthony Wong, Director General of OFTA
  • Frederick S. Tipson, Director of Regulatory Affairs, C&W HKT



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