Bandwidth Capacity in Hong Kong

Bandwidth coming into Hong Kong by submarine cable or by satellite is the lifeblood of Hong Kong’s role as the premier elecommunications hub in East Asia. In 1998 the exclusive licence of Hongkong Telecom International (HKTI) was terminated by greement and the four fixed telecommunications network service (FTNS) licence holders were each awarded the right to own and operate international gateway facilities (IGFs). From January 1999 international simple resale (ISR) was introduced along with the issuing of external telecommunication licences (ETS) to virtually nyone who wished to lease circuits from HKTI and resell them. Since then HKTI has been renamed Reach, as a joint venture between PCCW and Telstra, and since January 2000 additional external FTNS licences have been issued to carriers bringing significant cable or satellite capacity into Hong Kong. However the moratorium on the issuing of new domestic FTNS licences means that External FTNS licence holders must lease wholesale circuits for backhaul and access to their local customers. These wholesale prices add ignificantly (30%-40%) to the total cost of international traffic from Hong Kong.


Session One: Hong Kong’s Role as a Hub and the Future of Licensing Policy


  • M.H. Au, Deputy Director-General, OFTA
  • Terry O’Neill, Director of Business Development, CLP TeleCom
  • Ross O’Brien, Research Director of Strategic Intelligence


Session Two: Trust of Big Carriers in Hong Kong

Moderator: David Warner, Telecoms & IT Consultant and HKTUG Exco


  • Tom Boasberg, Level 3
  • Dermot Keilthy, Reach
  • Kelvin Law Teleglobe
  • Ted Ringrose, Worldcom
  • Simon Chan, HKTUG
  • David Warner, Telecoms & IT Consultant and HKTUG Exco



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