Joint Venturing in China Telecoms

This background briefing paper for the Telecommunications InfoTech Forum does not claim to be comprehensive, but it does aim to give an overview of joint venturing in China’s telecoms to date, together with a systemic review of LianTong (China Unicom) and JiTong. It was the appearance of these two corporations in 1994 and 1995 that gave rise to many expectations that China was close to opening the door on foreign direct investment in network building, operation and service provision. The paper divides into three parts.

Part One: The first experiments looks at the Huamei and First Star ventures, noting the particular corporate structure of their joint ventures.
Part Two: China Unicom surveys the structure, performance and joint ventures of LianTong.
Part Three: JiTong concludes that, as in the case of LianTong,



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