The quality and range of telecom and network services

Hong Kong has been a telecommunications hub for the Far East since the early 60s when the Americans and Europeans started presence in this part of the world. Cable & Wireless and the Hong Kong Telephone Company were the only franchised service providers—HKTC subsequently became part of C&W—and many professional practices came from the parent UK company. Today Hong Kong is one of the first to achieve a fully digitized transmission as well as exchange network; and boosts one of highest density in use of cellular phones and paging equipment.

It seems all good news to OFTA but as a corporate user of telecommunications service in Hong Kong, we are still very much limited by the range and availability of innovative services particularly in the high speed data and voice arena. This paper is an attempt to compare the range and quality of telecommunication services in Hong Kong and that of USA as perceived by a large user, followed by a discussion of whether Hong Kong can continue to maintain its regional telecommunication hub status in the next few years.


  • Simon YK Chan, Asia Pacific Telecommunications Manager, Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Peter Mahoney, Projects Controller , The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club and Chairman, Hong Kong Telecommunications User Group



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