3G Auctions: A Change of Course (in Networking Knowledge for Information Societies: Institutions & Intervention)

3G Auctions: A Change of Course
in Networking Knowledge for Information Societies: Institutions & Intervention
Edited by Robin Mansell, Rohan Samarajiva, and Amy Mahan
2002 Delft University Press

About the book

This comprehensive volume includes state-of-the-art analyses of the problems of and prospects for information societies. It is about the structures and processes of inquiry and institutional change and their relationship to rapid innovations in information and communication technologies. The work of William H. Melody features centrally in this volume which is compiled in his honour. It contains over 50 contributions by outstanding scholars whose choices of topics cover issues that are of substantial significance today.

The volume is divided into five main sections each addressing a central question:

    • What is the role of institutions of higher education in the ‘Information Age’ and how does scholarly research become involved in ‘networking knowledge’?
    • What are the institutional strategies and practices of policy and regulatory reform in the communication industry?
    • How and why are people accommodating or resisting the new technologies and the emerging information societies?
  • What are the biases in the processes of networking knowledge and what insights can be drawn from the social sciences, and particularly from Institutional Economics?
  • What are the structures and processes for sharing the content of the media and information services industries and for exchanging knowledge in today’s global networks?

This volume addresses an interdisciplinary and international audience. It synthesizes debates about the information society or knowledge economy that are high on the policy agenda in Europe, North and South America, and many other parts of the industrialized and developing world.

It will be useful to researchers and teachers in communication studies, economics, innovation studies, political science and related disciplines, and to those involved in the management of technological change. Outside the academy, it will appeal to those active in policy and regulatory reform and to those responsible for the development and implementation of social and economic development programs incorporating the production or use of information and communication technologies.


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