The TRPC Data Protection Index 2020

The inaugural DPI 2020 is the first index to establish an objective, data protection assessment mechanism based on the seven Principles of Personal Data Protection in the ASEAN Framework on Personal Data Protection 2016. It scores 30 markets across 12 questions that assess an economy’s data protection laws and regulatory environment. To enable policymakers to conduct comparisons on a national and international level, this first iteration of the DPI includes all economies represented in ASEAN (10 member states), APEC (21 member economies), and the G20 (20 member economies).[more]

Connectivity, Innovation and Growth: Fostering an Open Internet in Asia – A Report by TRPC

news This report looks at the ways countries in Asia have, and can, address the challenges associated with increasing Internet adoption and the surging demand for bandwidth. Many governments have prioritized Internet adoption—the fundamental requirement for building and promoting a digital economy as the future driver of growth—in their development plans. To ensure that all citizens have affordable access some have created public-private partnerships to expand roll out. To ensure growth and innovation, policymakers must continue to support the fundamentals of the open Internet. [more]

The TRPC Data Center Security Index 2020

The digital economy runs on data. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day, it is estimated that the world’s data will grow to 175 zettabytes by 2025. Global data flows are expected to contribute to a 3.5% rise in global GDP, the equivalent of US$ 2.8 trillion.[more]

UNDP Report on Framing Policies for the Digital Economy

This discussion paper is meant for those who are involved in policy debates on the digital economy, associated opportunities and challenges. Key concepts and technologies are explained and 3 case studies (Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam) reviewed for insights into policy frameworks that may offer pointers for policy frameworks towards an inclusive digital economy in Asia-Pacific.

The discussion paper has been jointly published by the UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence and the Institute for Systems Science (ISS), National University of Singapore (NUS).

Regulating for a digital economy: Understanding the importance of cross-border data flows in Asia

This report developed in collaboration with Brookings Institution looks at defining the issues around data flows in Asia Pacific, particularly with respect to cross-border data flows to help readers better understand the importance of cross-border data flows in Asia. It focused on the blockers and accelerators of the digital economy, and includes case studies from Indonesia, India, Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

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