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Date Title Country Author
16 December 2019 Inter-modal Transport Data Sharing in Hong Kong: Workshop on Exchange Square Smart PTI Challenge Hong Kong TRP
28 October 2019 Inter-modal Transport Data Sharing in Hong Kong: Use Case Development Workshop Hong Kong TRP
27 May and 24 June 2019 TRP Fora: Inter-modal Data Sharing in Hong Kong with Lessons from the Transport Sector Hong Kong TRP
30 May 2019 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Humanity in Artificial Intelligence Singapore IIC Singapore
13 Dec 2018 TRPC – Refinitiv Forum: Balancing Privacy with Opportunity in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region Hong Kong TRPC
21 Nov 2018 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Privacy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Singapore IIC Singapore
2 Nov 2018 IIC Thailand – TRPC Forum: Data Privacy as a Competitive Advantage Bangkok, Thailand IIC Thailand and TRPC
2 Aug 2018 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Privacy Rules Beyond Borders Singapore IIC Singapore
19 July 2018 TRPC Director Laura Winwood at the Digital Innovation Forum 2018 Taipei, Taiwan Laura Winwood
5 Dec 2017 CNA Interviews TRPC Director Dr Peter Lovelock on China’s World Internet Congress Singapore Peter Lovelock
12-13 Sep 2017 ATRC Meeting on Over-the-Top (OTT) moderated by TRPC Director Dr Peter Lovelock Bangkok, Thailand Peter Lovelock, John Ure
11 Aug 2017 Event Summary: TRPC Roundtable “The Future of the Digital Ecosystem in Hong Kong” Hong Kong TRPC
26 May 2017 Event Summary: TRPC Roundtable “The Future of the Digital Ecosystem in Thailand” Bangkok, Thailand TRPC
14 Apr 2017 Event Summary: TRPC Roundtable on “Connectivity, Innovation and Growth: Fostering an Open Internet in Taiwan” Taipei, Taiwan TRPC
8 March 2017 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Blockchain and its Applications Singapore IIC Singapore
4 Oct 2016 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Challenge of Cyber Security Singapore IIC Singapore
2 June 2016 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Internet of Things – A Challenge for Regulators? Singapore IIC Singapore
24 Nov 2015 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Smart Health, IoT and the Empowerment of Patients? Singapore IIC Singapore
4 Nov 2015 Going Digital, Going Global – Powering the Digital Economy in South Korea Seoul, South Korea TRPC
8 Sep 2015 Powering Indonesia’s Digital Economy Jakarta, Indonesia TRPC
24 Aug 2015 Reinventing Japan’s Digital Economy Tokyo, Japan TRPC
9 Jun 2015 Powering the Digital Economy in Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam TRPC
Jun – Sep 2015 Going Digital: The Status and Future Potential of Internet-Based Economies in Asia – A Report by TRPC Jakarta, Hanoi, Seoul, Tokyo, Jaipur TRPC
21 May 2015 Regional Roundtable on Rethinking the Digital Economy Jakarta, Indonesia TRPC
30 Apr 2015 IIC Singapore: The Regulation of Online Video Services Singapore IIC Singapore
19 May 2015 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Smart Cities – What makes them “smart”? Singapore IIC Singapore
23 Mar 2015 ISOC-TRPC Rethinking the Digital Economy Manila, Philippines ISOC, TRPC
10 Feb 2015 IIC Singapore – TRPC – FCBA Forum: Internet Governance in a Multi-polar World Singapore IIC Singapore
15 Dec 2014 ISOC-TRPC-IIC Thailand Roundtable, Privacy in an Internet of Things World Sukhumvit, Bangkok ISOC, TRPC, IIC Thailand
27 Nov 2014 TRPC Asia Pacific Roundtable on Payments and e-Commerce Jakarta, Indonesia TRPC
11 Sept 2014 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Sharing Economy Singapore IIC Singapore
29 July 2014 APEC-TRPC Forum: Asia Pacific Payments and e-Commerce APEC Secretariat, Singapore APEC, TRPC
9 July 2014 TRPC Director John Ure moderates panel at IIC Thailand’s spectrum discussion, 9 Jul 2014 Bangkok, Thailand John Ure
5 Mar 2014 #TalkThursdays: Innovation and cloud computing in the Asia-Pacific Manila, Philippines Rappler
1 Apr 2014 TRPC and IIC Singapore Forum: International and Domestic Broadband Connectivity in Singapore Singapore IIC Singapore
21 Mar 2014 The Internet and Your Business: an ICANN 49 Forum Singapore ICANN
17 Dec 2013 Singapore in 2013: Startups glisten, but broadband needs boost Singapore ZDNet
5 Dec 2013 OTT: Competing or Collaborating (Indonesia Telecommunications Business) Indonesia John Ure
Jan 2014 WebRTC Asia Forum: For a Fixed and Mobile Web-Connected World. Hong Kong & Singapore – January 2014 Singapore, Hong Kong TRPC
22-25 October 2013 Observing the 8th Internet Governance Forum Bali, Indonesia IGF
26 Nov 2013 TRPC and IIC Singapore Forum: Cybersecurity Singapore IIC Singapore
28 Oct 2013 IIC Singapore Forum: Post-IGF Bali Breakfast Briefing Singapore IIC Singapore
18 Sept 2013 TRPC Forum: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Trade, ICTs and the Internet Singapore TRPC
3 July 2013 TRPC Forum: The Enterprise Use of Social Media Singapore TRPC
01-June-2013 Discussing the Grey Areas in Regulating OTT Services Singapore John Ure
4 Dec 2012 Cloud Computing and Data Centres in China & Cloud Readiness in Asia Hong Kong
28 Nov 2012 IIC Asia Forum: Spectrum Policy: The Way To Go? Singapore IIC Asia
TBC IIC Asia Forum: The Digital Dividend (Kuala Lumpur) Kuala Lumpur IIC Asia
18 Jul 2012 IIC Asia Forum: Challenges & Prospects of Digital Dividend for Indonesian Telecommunications & Broadcasting Business Jakarta IIC Asia
17 Jul 2012 IIC Asia Forum: The Digital Dividend Singapore IIC Asia
19 Jun 2012 TRPC at CommunicAsia 2012: Mobile Cloud Computing Panel Singapore TRPC
3 Apr 2012 The ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015 Singapore IIC Asia
16 Nov 2011 Singapore as a Data Hub Singapore IIC Asia
8th-9th April 2010 Spectrum liberalization Hong Kong John Ure
25 February 2010 Macro-Economic Effects of Telecoms Reform Japan John Ure
25 Nov 2009 Mobile Banking in Indonesia: Assessing the Market Potential for Mobile Technology to Extend Banking to the Unbanked and Underbanked Jakarta, Indonesia Peter LOVELOCK, John URE, SNG Li Wei, HU Phui San
19 May 2009 Internet and the Mid-Life Crisis of Telecoms Singapore John Ure
1 Mar 2009 Payments Asia Summit: Transformation of payment systems: channels, technologies and business models Hong Kong John URE
28 Oct 2008 Malaysia Broadband Conference: The Broadband Revolution: New Policies, Planning and Development ASEAN Trends Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia John Ure
20 Aug 2008 M-Banking and M-Payments in Asia Pacific Jakarta, Indonesia John URE
19 Mar 2008 Mobile Payments in China & Asia Beijing, China
17 Jan 2008 Mobile Payments in Singapore & the Asia Pacific Singapore
27 Nov 2008 Mobile Futures: Payments and Games Hong Kong
1 Jun 2007 Singapore’s Broadband Future: the iN2015 Initiative Singapore
19 April 2007 China Competitiveness in ICTs, Telecom Services, Standards and IPRs Hong Kong John Ure
5-6 March 2007 The use of ICT for Development Incheon, Korea John Ure
12 February 2007 3G in Macau Macau John Ure
8 Feb 2007 Radio spectrum issues in Hong Kong: Avoiding another cable blackout? Hong Kong
6 February 2007 Fixed-Mobile Convergence in Asia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia John Ure
10 Oct 2006 Fixed Mobile Convergence in Hong Kong Hong Kong
27 Mar 2006 e-Security in the Broadband Age Hong Kong
24 Nov 2005 Broadband, broadcast and content: where does Hong Kong stand? Hong Kong
7-11 November 2005 WiMAX Regulations in Asia Beijing, China Terry Graham
28-30 September 2005 ICT Sector Development in Five Central Asian Economies Moscow, Russia John Ure
20-22 Oct 2003 Regulatory Issues and Privatization Kuala Lumpur John Ure
16 Jun 2005 RFID – Challenges Ahead Beijing John Ure
7 April 2005 Health Informatics in Hong Kong Hong Kong
22 Jan 2005 Why VoIP Is A Challenge Hong Kong John Ure
6 Dec 2004 IP Telephony and Voice over Broadband Hong Kong
19 Oct 2004 DTTN, RFID Tagging and Implications for Telecoms Hong Kong
27 June 2004 Telecommunications Infrastructure In The EAP: The Way Forward Bali John Ure
6 Jun 2004 Economics of Software Development Hong Kong
25 Mar 2004 Hong Kong as Asia’s Wireless Development Centre Hong Kong
23 Mar 2004 Broadband’s Role in Economic Development: Focus on the User Community in Hong Kong Hong Kong John Ure
11-12 Dec 2003 Perspectives on Mobile Cellular Telecommunications Hong Kong Baptist University John Ure
27-28 Nov 2003 Regulation and Poverty Reduction Bangkok Thailand John Ure
14 Oct 2003 Putting Service into Broadband Hong Kong
1 Sept 2003 Telecom Trade In Services Brunei Darussalem John Ure
8 Jul 2003 Telecoms and SARS Hong Kong
8 Jul 2003 Interconnection Revisited: Time for a Change or Not? Hong Kong
24 Feb 2003 Mergers and Acquisitions: a telecoms policy for Hong Kong? Hong Kong
20 Nov 2002 Next Generation Wireless Services in Hong Kong Hong Kong
9 Jul 2002 IP Networking: Is the jury ready with its verdict? Hong Kong
19 Mar 2002 Digital entertainment, home networking and ‘digital hubs’ Hong Kong
20 Dec 2001 Home Networking, Internet Appliances, Digital TV and The Changing Role of The Consumer Electronics Industry Hong Kong Balz Wyss, Mimi Vong
7 Dec 2001 Cambodia: Networks, Services and Regulatory Reform Hong Kong David Butcher & Associates
13 Nov 2001 Regulating Telecom Pricing in Wholesale and Retail Markets Hong Kong
18 Sep 2001 Bandwidth Capacity in Hong Kong Hong Kong
10 May 2001 Biometric Solutions For E-&MCommerce Security Mac McGolphin
13 Feb 2001 E-business and E-market places Hong Kong
7 Dec 2000 Satellites Hong Kong John Ure
18 Sep 2000 Third Generation (3G) Auctions for Hong Kong? Hong Kong
1 Aug 2000 The Case Against Auctions in Hong Kong Hong Kong
22 Jun 2000 Telecoms in the Internet Age Hong Kong
14 Apr 2000 Telecoms, the Net and China’s WTO entry Hong Kong
7 Dec 1999 Broadband in Hong Kong Hong Kong
7 Sep 1999 Hong Kong: A Test-Bed For Third Generation (3-G) Wireless? Hong Kong
24 Jun 1999 Auctioning Bandwidth In Asia: Telecoms Goes Wholesale – Online Hong Kong Paula Brillson
8 Jun 1999 The Internet and Hong Kong’s Future as a Financial Hub Hong Kong
16 Mar 1999 E-Commerce in Hong Kong Hong Kong
26 Jan 1999 Regulating Convergence Hong Kong
13 Oct 1988 Hong Kong’s Broadcasting and New Media Services Hong Kong
7 Jul 1998 Hong Kong’s IT Future Hong Kong
1 Apr 1998 Hong Kong 2000- What follows the framework agreement? Hong Kong
22 Jan 1997 Joint Venturing in China Telecoms Hong Kong
28 Oct 1996 China’s Telecoms: Law, Policy, Regulations and Characteristics Hong Kong
22 Jul 1996 Technology and Stock Markets Hong Kong
24 Jun 1996 Competition in Hong Kong’s Telecoms Hong Kong
13 May 1996 Getting Wired TRPC
22 Apr 1996 The quality and range of telecom and network services Hong Kong
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