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TRPC hosts forums on a regular basis, bringing together government representatives, industry leaders, and academics to facilitate roundtable discussion of issues and challenges arising from new developments within the information and communication technology sectors.

These events are free of charge, and subject to Chatham House rules. Should you wish to attend, do request an invitation at info[at]

The IIC Asia Forum is the regional chapter for the International Institute of Communications, a global independent membership forum for digital media policy and regulation.



Date Title Country Author
30 May 2019 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Humanity in Artificial Intelligence Singapore
13 Dec 2018 TRPC – Refinitiv Forum: Balancing Privacy with Opportunity in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific Region Hong Kong
21 Nov 2018 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Privacy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Singapore
2 Nov 2018 IIC Thailand – TRPC Forum: Data Privacy as a Competitive Advantage Bangkok, Thailand
2 Aug 2018 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Privacy Rules Beyond Borders Singapore
8 March 2017 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Blockchain and its Applications Singapore
4 Oct 2016 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Challenge of Cyber Security Singapore
2 June 2016 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Internet of Things – A Challenge for Regulators? Singapore
24 Nov 2015 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Smart Health, IoT and the Empowerment of Patients? Singapore
30 Apr 2015 IIC Singapore: The Regulation of Online Video Services Singapore
19 May 2015 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Smart Cities – What makes them “smart”? Singapore
10 Feb 2015 IIC Singapore – TRPC – FCBA Forum: Internet Governance in a Multi-polar World Singapore
15 Dec 2014 ISOC-TRPC-IIC Thailand Roundtable, Privacy in an Internet of Things World Sukhumvit, Bangkok
11 Sept 2014 IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Sharing Economy Singapore
29 July 2014 APEC-TRPC Forum: Asia Pacific Payments and e-Commerce APEC Secretariat, Singapore
1 Apr 2014 TRPC and IIC Singapore Forum: International and Domestic Broadband Connectivity in Singapore Singapore
21 Mar 2014 The Internet and Your Business: an ICANN 49 Forum Singapore
Jan 2014 WebRTC Asia Forum: For a Fixed and Mobile Web-Connected World. Hong Kong & Singapore – January 2014 Singapore, Hong Kong
26 Nov 2013 TRPC and IIC Singapore Forum: Cybersecurity Singapore
28 Oct 2013 IIC Singapore Forum: Post-IGF Bali Breakfast Briefing Singapore
18 Sept 2013 TRPC Forum: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Trade, ICTs and the Internet Singapore
3 July 2013 TRPC Forum: The Enterprise Use of Social Media Singapore
28 Nov 2012 IIC Asia Forum: Spectrum Policy: The Way To Go? Singapore
TBC IIC Asia Forum: The Digital Dividend (Kuala Lumpur) Kuala Lumpur
18 Jul 2012 IIC Asia Forum: Challenges & Prospects of Digital Dividend for Indonesian Telecommunications & Broadcasting Business Jakarta
17 Jul 2012 IIC Asia Forum: The Digital Dividend Singapore
3 Apr 2012 The ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015 Singapore
16 Nov 2011 Singapore as a Data Hub Singapore
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