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TRPC hosts forums on a quarterly basis, bringing together government representatives, industry leaders, and academics to facilitate roundtable discussion of issues and challenges arising from new developments within the information and communication technology sectors.

These events are free of charge, and subject to Chatham House rules. Should you wish to attend, do request an invitation at info[at]

TRPC hosted IIC forums during 2011-2012. The IIC Asia Forum is the regional chapter for the International Institute of Communications, a global independent membership forum for digital media policy and regulation


20 May 20213 June Webinar: Data Sharing Architecture as a Foundational Framework for Digital Trade
20 Apr 202129 Apr Webinar: Digital Transactions in ASEAN: Impact on Inclusion Amidst COVID-19
3 Feb 202125 Feb Webinar: Artificial Intelligence Standards and Trade in ASEANVirtual
15 Jan 202127 January 2021: The Future of Transport Data SharingVirtual
12 Jan 202122 January 2021: TRP Seminar on IP of Algorithms in Open InnovationVirtual
12 Jan 202119 January 2021: TRP Demonstration Seminar Integrated transport data sharing for a whole country: Experience from DenmarkVirtual
4 Dec 202010 December 2020: TRP Demonstration Seminar An integrated MaaS service - insights from BerlinVirtual
17 Nov 20209 December Webinar: Is it Yet Decision Time for 5G in Asia?Virtual
10 Nov 202018 November Webinar: What are the Key Pressure Points of Network Operator Revenues... and What are the Likely Ways Forward in Asia?Virtual
10 Nov 202013 November 2020: Knowledge Café - New ways of knowledge sharing and collaboration in multi-stakeholder groupsVirtual
10 Nov 202012 November 2020: TRP Demonstration Seminar - Volumetric Urbanism, sketch tool for Multimodal Service AreaVirtual
3 Nov 20205 November 2020: TRP Demonstration Seminar by Teralytics: Using integrated data for mobility insightsVirtual
14 Sep 202029 September 2020: TRP Demonstration Seminar On-demand Transit: Recent experience and future promise for improving mobility in Hong KongVirtual
9 Sep 202024 September 2020: TRP Demonstration Seminar on Resolving Intermodal Data Sharing Issues with Smart Contract TechnologyVirtual
25 Aug 202028 August 2020: TRP Demonstration Seminar on Passenger Journey Analytics ToolVirtual
11 Aug 202018 August 2020: Data Trust and Inter-Modal Mobility Opening ConferenceVirtual
30 Jul 20203 August 2020: TRP Mobility Futures Knowledge CaféVirtual
10 Jun 202019 June 2020: TRP Mobility Futures Knowledge CaféVirtual
12 May 2020TRPC @ Global Digital Development Forum 2020Virtual
23 Dec 2019Inter-modal Transport Data Sharing in Hong Kong: Workshop on Exchange Square Smart PTI ChallengeHong Kong
11 Nov 2019Inter-modal Transport Data Sharing in Hong Kong: Use Case Development WorkshopHong Kong
30 May 2019IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Humanity in Artificial IntelligenceSingapore
31 Dec 2018TRPC – Refinitiv Forum: Balancing Privacy with Opportunity in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific RegionHong Kong
21 Nov 2018IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Privacy in the Age of Artificial IntelligenceSingapore
2 Nov 2018IIC Thailand – TRPC Forum: Data Privacy as a Competitive AdvantageBangkok, Thailand
2 Aug 2018IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Privacy Rules Beyond BordersSingapore
8 Mar 2017IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Blockchain and its ApplicationsSingapore
4 Oct 2016IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Challenge of Cyber SecuritySingapore
2 Jun 2016IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Internet of Things – A Challenge for Regulators?Singapore
24 Nov 2015IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Smart Health, IoT and the Empowerment of Patients?Singapore
19 May 2015IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Smart Cities – What makes them “smart”?Singapore
30 Apr 2015IIC Singapore: The Regulation of Online Video ServicesSingapore
10 Feb 2015IIC Singapore – TRPC – FCBA Forum: Internet Governance in a Multi-polar WorldSingapore
15 Dec 2014ISOC-TRPC-IIC Thailand Roundtable, Privacy in an Internet of Things WorldSukhumvit, Bangkok
11 Sep 2014IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: The Sharing EconomySingapore
29 Jul 2014APEC-TRPC Forum: Asia Pacific Payments and e-CommerceSingapore
1 Apr 2014TRPC and IIC Singapore Forum: International and Domestic Broadband Connectivity in SingaporeSingapore
21 Jan 2014WebRTC Asia Forum: For a Fixed and Mobile Web-Connected World. Hong Kong & Singapore – January 2014Singapore, Hongkong
23 Nov 2013TRPC and IIC Singapore Forum: CybersecuritySingapore
28 Oct 2013IIC Singapore Forum: Post-IGF Bali Breakfast BriefingSingapore
18 Sep 2013TRPC Forum: The Enterprise Use of Social MediaSingapore
28 Nov 2012IIC Asia Forum: Spectrum Policy: The Way To Go?Singapore
27 Jul 2012IIC Asia Forum: The Digital Dividend (Kuala Lumpur)Kuala Lumpur
23 Jul 2012IIC Asia Forum: Challenges & Prospects of Digital Dividend for Indonesian Telecommunications & Broadcasting BusinessSingapore
17 Jun 2012IIC Asia Forum: The Digital DividendSingapore
19 Mar 2012The ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015Singapore
16 Oct 2011Singapore as a Data HubSingapore
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