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Discussing Langkawi getting 5G with BFM Malaysia

Michael Khoo, Associate Research Director for TRPC Pte Ltd discusses Langkawi getting 5G with BFM Malaysia on 21 Jan 2020.


With 5G promising faster, smoother, and more reliable Internet connectivity, the anticipated benefits of 5G are expected to be seen across all industries. Already in parts of the world, there are promising developments in applications being built for smart agriculture, manufacturing, automation and self-driving cars.

Of particular interest is its application to the education industry, where virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) can deliver a more interactive and engaging learning environment for students and equally for occupations such as pilots.

5G is however, still developing and while there is a lot of hype built around the potential uses and possibilities, early deployments in the USA and South Korea have thus far only demonstrated faster mobile broadband speeds. 5G is still in its early days, where the business models and use cases are still being worked on by industry. Demonstration zones such as in Langkawi are thus important to bridge aspiration and reality.

The cost of deploying 5G infrastructure will be a key consideration, which may stymie the promise of universal connectivity with 5G’s low-power low-latency wide coverage potential. There are numerous infrastructural investments necessary for 5G to achieve its potential, ranging from low-mid-high frequency bands, to small cell deployment, to the necessary fibre backhaul investments. Early deployments will also need to be wary of the need to implement the proper cybersecurity safeguards before deploying 5G too quickly.

Will the average person in Langkawi benefit from 5G deployment? Unlikely any time in the near future, as the business models and use cases are still being developed. Further, to be able to utilize 5G, devices need to be upgraded to the latest ones which support 5G.

Photo by Ankush Nath Sehgal

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