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Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance: Is the COVID-19 Crisis an Opportunity for Corporations to Invest in Workforce Transformation?

With innovation comes demands for new skills. There is a challenge to taking maximal advantage of innovation to propel business and economic growth: a sufficiently prepared workforce. Given the scale and scope of the industrial transformation underway before the outbreak of COVID-19, it was already apparent that to continue to compete and grow, companies needed to lead the transformation of the workforce; to facilitate the skills capacity building and inform policymaking to keep pace with the technological advances.

Stacy Baird, TRPC Consulting Director, authors a post on how the COVID-19 crisis may accelerate businesses’ efforts to prepare workers for the jobs and skills of the future. Read the full article here.

This article is part of the series, the Salzburg Questions for Corporate Governance by the Salzburg Global Corporate Governance Forum.

Photo by Anna Shvets

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