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Decarbonising Public Transport in Hong Kong – Final report

The attached report is the Final report of the Environmental Interest Group (EIG) of the Inter-Modal Transport Data-Sharing Programme. It arose from the discussions of the EIG held in 30th September 2020.

Its purpose is threefold:

  1. To identify the relevant information, available data, etc., on the need to reduce emissions from public transport motorised vehicles in HK. However the focus is on buses and neither the ferry services nor taxi services are addressed, so it is incomplete in that sense. Walking and cycling are lacking in good data but are reported in section C.
  2. The paper also sets out to estimate the cost-benefits of reducing pollutants by shifting to e-buses, using medical estimates from two contradictory sources, and data on costs extrapolated to 2025. The estimated health costs arising directly from pollutants from bus emissions annually is HKD800 million, including over 6,000 annual premature deaths. The estimated cost of replacing the entire bus fleet with e-buses is HKD24 billion (without the costs of the recharging infrastructure or if hydrogen fuel cells are used the refuelling infrastructure).
  3. To identify possible use cases that can be fed into the Data Trust of the HKU as part of the Exchange Square PTI Proof-of-Concept

View the Decarbonising Public Transport in Hong Kong November 2020 working paper here

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