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Cloud Computing: A Soft Target?

The benefits of cloud computing can be harnessed only if information can be accessed and manipulated freely with security and confidentiality assured to the extent that the integrity of the data and the rights of the consumer of cloud services are maintained. It’s an objective that the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) has been looking into from various angles, delving deeper into the issues surrounding access to information, data integrity and the inherent business and social concerns. We have observed in our annual research report, the Cloud Readiness Index (CRI),1 that unrestricted access to data is a key parameter in creating an even playing field for cloud deployment.

Across Asia, where the emphasis has long been on access rather than information, and on the hard infrastructure, rather than the soft infrastructure, we are finding that it is often regulatory regimes that are promoting access to information in a ‘consistent and predictable manner’…

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