About TRPC

TRPC is a boutique consulting and research firm with over 30 years experience in the telecommunications and ICT industries in the Asia-Pacific. We offer specialised advisory, research, and training services, with a focus on regulatory and strategic business issues, and possess an extensive network of industry experts and professionals throughout the region.

Our research focuses on the economics of telecommunications and information technology, and the policy and regulatory issues associated with national information infrastructure development, with an emphasis on the South-East and East Asian region. Our expertise encompasses both countries at with more developed ICT infrastructure (e.g. South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong) to those with fast-growing and emerging ICT industries (e.g. Indonesia, Vietnam).

Our recent work covers a range of up and coming areas such as broadband wireless access, mobile banking, mobile payments, and cloud computing, among others.

In recent years TRPC has worked with:

  • International organisations like the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, IFC, ITU, United Nations Development Project, UNESCAP;
  • Various industry organisations;
  • Government bodies; and
  • Multi-national IT and telecoms companies.

When working with private sector companies we cover telecommunication and IT-related issues, including

  • Research and reports across a range of key ICT topics
  • Strategic business advisory
  • Consulting and guidance for regional businesses expansion
  • ICT & Telecoms training workshops and forums

TRPC also offers in-house training courses tailored to the specific needs of companies, drawing upon the specialist skills and expertise of its associates, industry professionals with many years of experience. These courses are offered in collaboration with industry experts from different countries.

TRPC has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Beijing and on-the-ground presence or associates throughout the region. Feel free to contact us for more information.

History of TRPC

The Telecommunications Research Project (TRP) was founded in 1993 and based in the Centre of Asian Studies at the University of Hong Kong, under the directorship of Dr. John Ure. Initial funding (1993-1998) came from a grant from the Hong Kong Telecom Foundation. From 1998 onwards, TRP became a self-funded research centre, undertaking consulting research, and seeking sponsorship of the Telecommunications InfoTechnology Forum (TIF).

TRPC (TRP Corporate) was launched in Hong Kong in 2002 initially as the consulting and services arm of the TRP to attract sponsorship and consulting research through corporate membership. TRPC has always functioned as an independent research consultancy company with no formal ties to the University of Hong Kong, but funds TRP through donations to the University of Hong Kong where the TRP is based at the Social Science Research Centre. The focus of research of TRP has been the economics of telecommunications and information technology, and the policy and regulatory issues associated with national information. In 2007, TRPC Pte Ltd (Singapore) was established. In 2012, the TRP was re-named the Technology Research Project to reflect the convergence of communications and technology in the industry.


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