IIC Singapore – TRPC Forum: Smart Health, IoT and the Empowerment of Patients?

news The concept of ‘smart health’ is a central component of any Smart Nation/ Smart City programme. Logically, it could be viewed as falling into three categories: the delivery of smart healthcare systems by hospital, clinics, first responders and others; intermediary service providers such as telecom and mobile networks, on-line portals as part of e-Government, etc.; and patient empowerment through the use of smart monitoring devices, apps and social media information exchanges. This forum will review the growing supply-chain of smart health care provision, with an emphasis on the implications for – and practicalities of – patient empowerment. [more]

Going Digital: The Status and Future Potential of Internet-Based Economies in Asia

news Asia is in transition from an Internet economy towards a fully digital one, which is defined as all sectors of the economy that rely upon or use IP-enabled networks and platforms as part of the embedded infrastructure of the society.[more]

Unleashing the Potential of the Internet for ASEAN Economies

news At the ISOC-TRPC Rethinking the Digital Economy event on 23 Mar 2015 at Manila, Philippines, ISOC and TRPC jointly launched the “Unleashing the Potential of the Internet for ASEAN Economies” report, which takes stock of the Internet infrastructure of the region and outlines the actions necessary to support the Internet connectivity goals of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint. [more]